Activate Your Life!

Living an active lifestyle is not only great because it promotes health and wellbeing but also because it helps us go out and about, meet new people, see new places, do new things and most of all, have great experiences and make memories to carry with us throughout our lives. At Florida Sports Injury and Orthopedic Institute, we are passionate about seeing both our patients and our community at large engaging in sports and an active lifestyle for these reasons. This is why we have put together a collection of tools and other great resources to get you going on your active lifestyle. Here you will find active lifestyle tools such as a BMI calculator, calorie counter, among other resources. So without much further ado, dig in and ACTIVATE your life!


Heat Index Calculator
Find out if you are in the healthy range.
Quickly and easily calculate the ideal training heart rate range to maximize your cardiovascular fitness
Use this tool to estimate your daily hydration needs.
Find out what your chances are of getting injured playing sport.
Calculate your BMI and get tailored advice.

Active Lifestyle News