Our Coronavirus Updates

At FSIOI our priority is the well-being of our patients and team members including staff.

As partners in this community, we feel it is vitally important to evaluate our operations during this Coronovirus pandemic in the best interest of our patients, our staff, and our community.

Governor De Santis, has put a stop to all unnecessary ambulatory surgical procedures right now in order to save supplies and help those who are critically ill with COVID-19. In order to help keep the hospital focused on their priority and to help limit our consumption of necessary safety supplies, FSIOI will be taking the following steps:

  1. 1. All elective cases at the hospitals will be cancelled, per their notification to us. Our surgeons will remain on call and be available to help with trauma and emergent cases in the hospital as those needs arise.
  2. 2. Our clinics and physical therapy department will be ramping up our capability to do more telemedicine visits so that patients do not need to unnecessarily come into a busy clinic.
  3. 3. Patients will be screened prior to entering the clinic to look for symptoms or COVID-19 risk factors, including taking of temperature.
  4. 4. Our clinics will be triaging appointments to limit the number of patients coming into our clinics.
  5. 5. Non-urgent new patient may be asked to wait until our resources have increased.
  6. 6. Even with tele medicine there will always be a physician available to treat acute injuries that need to be attended to, please call 352-404-8956 to be triaged prior to coming in. You can also send us an email at info@floridasportsinjury.com. We also may be able to treat some injuries via telemedicine.

Finally, we want to acknowledge that arranging for care and surgery is a big deal and we do not take the need to cancel lightly. FSIOI would like act on the side of caution. Our patients, staff, and community are of utmost importance to us. Should you have questions, please call us at the office at 352-404-8956.

CDC Covid-19 Guidelines

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