General Orthopedic Trauma

Musculoskeletal injuries are common in cases of trauma. Whether in motor vehicle accidents, industrial accidents, sporting accidents or any other accidents, victims will often suffer from some form of musculoskeletal injuries. These may include torn tendons or muscles, broken or fractured bones, concussions, and so on.

As a practice that specializes in orthopedic treatment and surgery, Florida Sports Injury and Orthopedic Institute is at the frontline of providing general orthopedic trauma treatment services.

In addition, because we understand that the field of orthopedics is very wide and the number and types of musculoskeletal trauma even wider, we work closely with other practices and hospitals in the area to ensure all our patients receive specialized treatment for their injuries.

We believe that the patient's wellbeing and full recovery is the topmost priority for any practice. For more information on our general orthopedic trauma services and policies, kindly give us a call today or text us at (352) 404-8956.

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