Pediatric & Adolescent Orthopedic Injuries

Pediatric Orthopedic Injuries

Children and adolescents are special orthopedic patients for a very specific reason; they have very different musculoskeletal makeups to those of adults and therefore require specialized treatment approaches and equipment.

For young children, two factors that affect their musculoskeletal structure are injuries and disorders. Whether climbing trees or running around chasing after the dog, children are susceptible to musculoskeletal trauma and resulting injuries. In other instances, disorders such as club foot may require orthopedic intervention.

Pediatric Orthopedic Injuries

We take their unique needs to heart when treating the little ones and we do all this while delighting them and making them feel comfortable and safe.

For adolescents, a similar specialized approach is necessary owing to the open growth plates in their skeletal makeup. Usually very active and full of energy, adolescents tend to be susceptible to broken or fractured bones, dislocations, and so on. We have the right expertise and experience to handle these unique cases as well.

Always remember that these two groups require very specialized treatment and that taking them to a general pediatrician or orthopedist may not work. Give us a call today or text us on (352) 404-8956 for specialized and very experienced treatment of your child or adolescent.

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