Patient Testimonials

"I am a challenging case to say the least! Dr. Varma is the only Dr. I have ever had that practices “Patient Care”, not just treatment. He continually goes above and beyond any expectations! The entire office is a pleasure to have caring for me."


"Great, friendly both the Doctor and the staff."

James E.

"My elderly father has suffered from chronic knee pain over the past several years. Dr. Varma took deep interest in evaluating my fathers condition with a thorough physical examination, followed by analyzing his gait (walking), and immediate (instant) xrays of both his knees and hips. Within hours Dr. Varma relayed a recommendation of our short term and long term treatment options. "

Frida B.

"Thank God for Dr.Varma. I have been suffering from shoulder pain for three years. Dr.Varma, had diagnosed the cause of my pain and perform surgery on me. His bedside manners and his demeanor towards me were fabulous. I will recommend him to everyone who needs a Orthopedic Surgeon."

Regan A.

"Excellent doctor."

Tom J.

"During my doctor's office visit today, Dr. Varma made me feel real special and that he cared about me. He quietly came into my room and kindly introduced himself. Dr. Varma asked me how he could be of help and patiently listened to what I had to say and the questions I had. He answered all my questions and explained to me what to expect while recovering from a broken ankle. I just want to say 'Thank You Dr. Varma'."

Tamika H.

"Dr Varma does outstanding surgery. He suggested a range of options for treatment. I've heard him recommend NOT doing surgery to my husband; he's going to recommend what's best for the patient. I would recommend all patients to just stick with Dr Varma. He's the best!"

Rachael H.

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